Returning From Sabbatical

This is my first week back from sabbatical! After twelve full weeks away from the responsibilities of pastoring a church, I am back in my home office, triaging email, arranging meetings, and altogether

Revival is already happening. It may disappoint you.

Having a great worship experience with fellow believers is a powerful thing. Being intoxicated with the presence of God (through music, preaching, prayer, and even dance) can be a life-altering experience. But it is not the same as revival.

Today was overwhelming

Today was overwhelming, both in ways good and bad. It started with a rich and thoughtful Learning Cohort where we grappled with the problem of pain, of being disappointed in God and unanswered

Grandma Henkler's Funeral

Death and funerals are a time when grief and gratitude mingle. Grief because of loss; gratitude because we recognize how deep that loss is. I want to begin by naming our gratitude. Mary

I Didn't Dupe You

I recently heard that a few folks at my former church in Iowa felt like I duped them. The claim is that for the ten years I pastored at Good News Community Church,