Christianity has an immense vocabulary list. And, just like any language, Christians have a lot of "dialects" as well. Denominations and church cultures can use the same terms in different ways. When I say "Kingdom of Heaven," do I mean:

1) The place you go when you die?

2) A vision of earth where all may flourish, and God's justice is established?

3) A militaristic goal of making America a "Christian nation"?

I've long wanted to create my own pocket dictionary of theological and Biblical terms, particularly from the progressive-yet-creedal perspective I'm situated in. Many words must be reclaimed from how White American Evangelicalism has bastardized them. And some words and concepts maybe need to be abandoned altogether. And yes, I suppose at some point, I'll need to include, Whiteness, Evangelicalism, and WAE in my glossary too.


Anthony Parrott

Anthony Parrott

Washington, DC