Answering Some Questions About Our Move

Did your house sell?

It did! We worked our butts off the week before Christmas to get it ready to list and show while we were on vacation. The first showing led to an offer that we accepted that week! We feel very blessed that we were able to sell our house so quickly in the middle of winter.

Do you have a place to live in D.C.?

We do! We just signed the lease on a single-family house in the northeast quadrant of The District. It's 2 stories with a basement and a yard. Even a wine cellar! It's got 4 bedrooms, so guests are welcome :).

Are you actually living in Washington, D.C. itself?

We are! We feel that it's important for pastors to live where their people are, and the majority of folks who attend The Table live in The District.

Do you still get to vote?

Yes, folks who live in D.C. are still citizens who vote for local and federal offices. However, D.C. citizens do not have representation in Congress - which is a problem. We will soon have a license plate that accurately says, "Taxation without representation."

Are you keeping both cars?

Nope. We'll sell the sedan and keep the SUV. D.C. has a wonderful public transportation system that we fully plan to avail ourselves of.

How far are you living from the church?

Using public transit, about 30 minutes.

Tell us more about the church!

That's for another post :)

Anthony Parrott

Anthony Parrott

Washington, DC