Sermon 182 We Make Room

December 24, 2024 Christmas Eve Let me tell three stories. A personal story and two Jesus stories. Alaska Story * When I was six old my mom and I were living in a car

Sermon 181 Joy in Connection

Story of Connection from My Life Wonky Donkey with our small group after David's Death Luke 1:24-45 24 After those days his wife Elizabeth conceived, and for five months she

Sermon 180 We Are Not Successful Unless...

Last week I had the dubious honor of gaining a few hundred followers on Threads, the Twitter X competitor. My bio includes being a Christian pastor, but maybe not the kind you'

Sermon - Restorative Play

My Worst Boss Let me tell you about the worst boss I've had. Whenever I went on vacation, they would insist I check my email at all hours of day or