Not A One-Note Holiday

Over the past three weeks, our church has been exploring the themes of Advent: Hope, Peace, Love, Joy. December is one of the few times in American culture where we bend nearly every

Sermon 181 Joy in Connection

Story of Connection from My Life Wonky Donkey with our small group after David's Death Luke 1:24-45 24 After those days his wife Elizabeth conceived, and for five months she

Theological Questions with Audrey: Heaven

Audrey: What do you think heaven is like? Me: What do you mean? What happens right after we die or what happens when God remakes the world? Audrey: Right after we die. Me:

Don’t break sheep’s legs please

I was recently reminded of a story that gets shared by preachers of a particular sort. It goes something like this: Sheep are known to be stupid and wander off. A shepherd'

Sermon 180 We Are Not Successful Unless...

Last week I had the dubious honor of gaining a few hundred followers on Threads, the Twitter X competitor. My bio includes being a Christian pastor, but maybe not the kind you'