Theological Questions with Audrey: Heaven

Audrey: What do you think heaven is like?

Me: What do you mean? What happens right after we die or what happens when God remakes the world?

Audrey: Right after we die.

Me: Well, the Bible actually doesn't say a lot about that part. But it does say a few things.

  1. It seems like that people are awake and aware of what's going on. That they're able to know something about what's happening on earth, and that they can cheer on their loved ones.
  2. We know that we will be with God. I often describe death as waiting for re-birth. And until then we are in "loving embrace of God." It's like being in the warmest, squishiest hug of the person you feel most safe with.

Audrey: That's my parents.

Me, in my head: Phew.

Me: And honestly, that's about it. The Bible has much more to say about what happens when God remakes the world.

Audrey: I think we'll be ghosts and we'll get to visit our family on Halloween!

Me: That works too.

Anthony Parrott

Anthony Parrott

Washington, DC