Whiteness is not a numbers game

These two quotes by Dr. King must be read close together, or otherwise, they're likely to be distorted: The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

Reconciliation Isn't Cheap, But It Can Set Us Free

Shopping is hard right now. Kids put their hands, mouths, and sometimes tongues on everything. Entering any indoor space feels like reverse scuba diving—instead of keeping track of how much oxygen you

If Jesus Can Ask for Forgiveness, So Can I

Social Sin Jesus was sinless, guiltless, and perfect. Right? Jesus didn't need forgiveness for anything. Right? So why does Jesus pray, "Forgive us our sins"? John the Baptist was

Colorblindness Is Not the Goal

When there is violence against a black person, one of the most common questions I see on social media from my fellow white people is, "Why does this have to be about