Newsletter Introduction

Hi There!

Because I am always trendy and the early to jump on trends, I've started a blog and newsletter. 🙃

Actually, I already have a long, fraught history with blogging. Thank God my college Xanga isn't accessible online anymore (please don't take that as a challenge!).

But in the year of our Lord 2023, as we watch social media continue to prove itself to be, in fact, a terrible way to communicate with each other, I've found it more important than ever to own the content I put online, as well as have it all in one, semi-organized and accessible place.

While I am currently posting my theology and Bible content to Instagram and TikTok (until they do something stupid), nearly everything starts out in written form on my blog,

This newsletter will begin as just a weekly summary of what I've posted in the past week. I may eventually segment it out, and send out long-form writing. If you want to see everything as it's posted, you can subscribe using an RSS reader. Don't know what that is? I have a post about that!

If you're like, hey, please don't email me, I've made it nice and easy for you to unsubscribe.

What you're getting yourself into

Just so we're all clear about what I'm about:

  • I'm a Christian pastor. I affirm the Nicene Creed. I believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ; the Trinity; that Christ will come again.
  • The Bible is inspired and authoritative—but not inerrant. All the mistakes are there on purpose.
  • I believe that LGBTQI people are made in God's image and that their lives and relationships reveal the holy divine.
  • I affirm that racism is America's original sin; that Black Lives Matter; that systematic racism continues to pervade our society; and that it is a Christian's responsibility to help dismantle systems of oppression.
  • I'm a feminist. "Women's rights and nothing less." Tear down purity culture. Grant women full autonomy over their own bodies.
  • I'm a Christian (or patristic) Universalist. The God revealed in Jesus is wooing and reconciling all creation to the Divine and will eventually succeed.
  • My politics are pretty damn left-of-center.
  • I swear from time to time.
  • Police and prison abolition is a pretty good way to make the prayer "Thy Kingdom come" come true.
  • I'm a user of Apple software, phones, and computers.
  • Truth is usually best understood through stories. "Fiction is the lie that tells the truth."
  • Especially if those stories are Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

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Anthony Parrott

Anthony Parrott

Washington, DC