Guns and the Vaccine

Out of a desire to protect themselves and their loved ones, many Americans own at least one gun. While firearms are inherently violent, the people I know who own them do so not of a desire to harm others, but to protect. To prevent harm.

Now, that desire to prevent harm by owning a gun has known risks. Owning gun makes acting out on suicidal thoughts easier. Many children have been hurt or killed through tragic accidents. But, despite knowing those risks, people still believe those risks are worth the protection that a gun can afford.

I wish that more folks would apply that same logic to receiving the covid vaccine (or, in fact, any vaccine). Vaccines have can have some adverse effects (though, to be clear, far less than gun ownership). But vaccines exist the same reason guns do—to protecting yourself and others.

If you're willing to accept the risks of gun ownership, why not accept the risks of taking the covid vaccine? The rewards will far outweigh the risks.

Anthony Parrott

Anthony Parrott

Washington, DC